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WEMEP in Belgium

WEMEP (short for Western Model European Parliament) was held from the 22nd of February to the 27th in the beautiful city of Lier, Belgium. This year, Nesbru sent 3 students with 1 student from Jessheim and Elverum each. There were participating countries from the western side of Europe.

In the session, there were 5 committees, ENVI, LIBE, DROI, JUST, and CULT. There was a wide array of topics, ranging from climate change and migration to extremism. Although only 2 resolutions passed, we are proud to say that all the resolutions were excellent with small gaps for improvement.

Our students from Nesbru (two bottom middle and one top right) among other participants from Norway.

This session was slightly different because everyone was staying with host families. This meant that it was not only the conference that was a learning experience, but the entire week itself. They experienced having to adjust to another person’s culture and schedule, being mindful of how they act, and many other similar things.

Not only that, but Belgian food tastes amazing, especially their waffles. There were 2 tours held, both in Lier and Antwerp and it would be an understatement to say that the architecture was breathtaking. From the urban buildings to the churches, houses, and important infrastructure, it was visible that there was immense thought put into everything. MEP doesn’t only provide you with exposure to conferences and EU issues, it also allows you to visit places you’ve never been to.

We can proudly say this was a great experience to all and recommend it to all who join Nesbru Pre-IB or IB in the coming years.

All participants of the conference together.


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