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Useful information

The vision for our school is “Together we create excellent learning.”


We have high ambitions on behalf of our student body, and our goal is for all students, regardless of the educational program they choose, to be well prepared for the future. Learning to work together as part of a community is an important skill for both students and staff, and outstanding teaching and learning is done by no one person alone, but in collaboration with all school community members.


We value:

· The joy of learning

· Professionalism

· Mastery of skills

· The school environment

Nesbru VGS is a Norwegian state upper secondary school founded in 1980. Since then, the school has developed in many areas. The school has nearly 1000 students and offers a variety of different programs. The IB was added in 1993 and the program attracts all types of students with solid academic skills and with an engagement in the world and society around them. 














Educational programs offered:

  • Building and Construction

  • International VG1

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Media and Communication

  • Specialization in general studies

  • Boa and TBA; facilitated training for students with special needs

Our 5 IB policies:


Academic honesty:



Special Needs:



For more information in Norwegian click on the link below:

For materials about the IB in other languages click on the link below:

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