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TOK Exhibition

At 6 pm on Wednesday 12th of October, the 3IB class held their TOK exhibition. As one of the mandatory assessments of the IB programme, the exhibition is a big event, and we are so grateful to everyone who came to see the hard work they put in.

The students all picked one out of 35 prompts about knowledge, which was then to be related to 3 real-world objects through various perspectives. The prompts ranged from “Are some things unknowable?” to “How can we distinguish between knowledge, belief and opinion?”, and were all complex questions designed to spark reflection. This is part of the unique TOK curriculum, which aims to challenge students’ critical thinking, and help them “become more acquainted with the complexity of knowledge” (IBO).

Each student approached the task differently, with objects such as model boats, metronomes, songs, paintings, cookbooks, documentaries, adverts, video games, and a copy of the vulgate all present in the exhibition.

In addition to 3IB’s impressive display, thanks to the guidance of the TOK teacher, the 2IB class set up an incredible selection of baked goods and other snacks. As October is breast cancer awareness month, all the money from the sale was donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Read more about Breast Cancer Research Foundation here:

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