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iMEP Estonia 2024

From April the 13th to 20th, Tallinn, Estonia hosted the 59th International MEP session with participants from all over the EU (with invited guest countries). Nesbru Videregående Skole has been a regular participant in such conferences over the past years despite Norway not being in the EU and is always honored to send its students.

Photo showing the students from Nesbru and Elverum that attended iMEP.

This year, Nesbru sent 2 pre-IB students and 1 2IB student for the winter session with 3 other students from Elverum Videregående Skole (IB). The head of delegation was also from Nesbru. It was an excellent learning experience for all students and a great way to build lasting relationships around the continent. All participants stayed in 2 hostels and shared breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. Many stayed up late working on their arguments and speeches.

The central theme was “Welcome to the new e-ra of Europe”. There were 10 committees in total and each committee wrote a resolution on various important issues concerning the EU and the world. All topics were related to the theme and ranged from SLAPP cases, smart farming principles and sharing them, the rebuilding of Ukraine, to female abuse and harassment online. It was great to see everyone bonding, helping each other both outside the conference and during the conference, while having a splendid time together.

We can proudly say everyone from Nesbru vgs did excellent, proven by the fact that everyone from Nesbru received a CP recommendation (which only 2-3 people from each committee received).

The russian theatre where the opening ceremony was held.

Tallinn is an extremely beautiful city, and the entire conference was well organized and planned. The opening ceremony was held in the Russian theatre and the ga was completely digitalized with a digital method of voting. Everyone learned a lot, made new friends, and had a great experience overall. The next International MEP session is to be held in Athens, Greece for the fall season and we are excited to see how that will fare.



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