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IB information meeting

Similarly to previous years, this year on January 16th the IB had an informative evening where 10th graders and students were invited to learn more about the different subjects that the IB at Nesbru VGS offers.

There were stands for mathematics, the natural sciences, visual arts, history, and psychology. Each subject had 1-2 students that had prepared stands with information, as well as overseeing and answering questions that parents and students had. The meeting was very useful for those students that had some doubts about applying to the IB as well, since Elizabeth - the IB coordinator - also held an encouraging informational talk for them later that evening. The information meeting started at 18:00 and had students from 1STI, nearby middle schools, and parents that were coming to see the subjects offered by the school and learn more about the IB. The subject stands were spread around the cafeteria and each student had posters and books, as well as materials that are used within the subject in order to show creativity and grab the attention of visitors.

At 18:30 Elizabeth held a talk in the auditorium to explain the program for students and parents while answering questions regarding it. When they were back around 19:15, they had more time to check the subject stands and ask in depth questions in relation to the new info given, until 19:45 when the meeting was over. We can conclude that the IB information meeting was a success, as it contributed to more people feeling confidence and security regarding their subject choices as well as causing more people to consider applying to the IB at Nesbru VGS.

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