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Class of 2021 Graduation!!

We are pleased to announce the graduation of the IB class of 2021!

On the 10th of June, parents and teachers alike gathered to celebrate and bid the class farewell at Nesbru vgs. After over a year of COVID-related obstacles and setbacks, we were, fortunately, able to hold the ceremony and dinner party at the school, with a few more guests compared to last year. Having endured two years of interrupted lessons and even their cancelled Habitat for Humanity trip, towards which they fundraised tens of thousands, they still managed to power through, achieving some of the highest grades the Nesbru IB program has seen to this day. Happy tears were shed as the class were rewarded their much-deserved diplomas. “Student of the Year” was awarded to Elliott Ottesen, and both Javier Flores Baez and Isabella Gunei Nauni won the CAS award.

Flick through these pictures!

Article written by: Helen Langridge and Jessica Liu


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