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Interview with Kate!

Following the departure of 2IB’s contact teacher Anna Nøkland, Kate Reed became Nesbru’s new IB English B and psychology teacher, as well as joining Alexander Bjørndal to be one of 2IB’s two contact teachers. I sat down with her to ask her some quick questions about her background, her ways of teaching, and what impact she wants to make on her students when they eventually graduate.

“Hi Kate, could you tell a bit about yourself?”

  • Sure! I was born in Durban, on the eastern coast of South Africa, and I lived there all my life until I moved to Norway. I was a very very bad student at school and didn’t get into university, so I had to wait until I was 24 before I was allowed to start studying. Then I qualified to be a psychometrist. I met my husband when I was 16, and we got engaged here in Norway when I was 17. When I was 39, we moved here to Norway and we’ve been here for nine years now. My first job here, or my only job really, was as a teacher. I wasn’t a qualified teacher then, but I realized that I loved doing it so much that decided to qualify officially at the university.