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IB Students and Teachers Spend Their Evenings Raising Money for Charity!

Yesterday, five determined students decided to spend their evening running around Sognsvannet to raise money for Right to Play.

Right to Play is an organization founded by a Norwegian former speed skater and four time Olympic gold medal winner Johann Olav Koss. He founded it in 2000, and it now operates in 18 poverty-stricken countries, as they work towards teaching children in need, as well as in both the humanitarian and developmental sectors. The particular cause that we were supporting worked towards preventing child marriages. This is a prevalent global issue, since 33 000 girls are married off to every day, making it regarded as one of the most relevant obstacles for education, equality and development in less economically developed nations such as Libya and Ethiopia.

In response to this as well as to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child, Santander Bank organized a fundraising charity event where they would donate 250kr towards Right to Play and their efforts toward preventing child marrigage, for each lap an individual took around the lake Sognvannet.

The representation from Nesbru IB was a rather disappointing five students and two teachers from an expected meetup of over ten people. Nonetheless, great job to those who actually showed up! Shoutout to Elizabeth, Lukas, Pål, Simona, Elliott, Dio, and especially Tor Øyvind, who ran a total of seven laps, racking in at approximately 20 kilometers, and raising 1750 NOK! Well done you, and have fun walking for the next few days…

The total tally of laps at the end of the day clocked it at 1 603 rounds, which equates to a whopping 401 000 NOK raised for efforts against child marriages. Not too shabby, and if such an event were to be organized again, we fully expect all of our IB students to show up and contribute!

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