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The Nesbru Nursing Home Experience

The collaboration between the 2IB and Nesbru Nursing Home has been a great success since its inception. The students look forward to the opportunity to interact with the residents and participate in activities with them every other Wednesday. Not only do the students benefit from this experience, but the residents also enjoy the companionship and engagement they receive from the students.

The activities the students engage in with the residents are carefully thought out and planned in advance. For instance, the students often bring board games or puzzles to play with the residents or books to read aloud to them. In addition, the students occasionally organize special events, such as a musical performance or a tea party, to add some excitement and variety to the residents' daily routines.

Apart from the fun activities, the students also learn valuable skills through this experience. They are developing their empathy and compassion for others, as well as their ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds and age groups. Furthermore, the students are gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by elderly or disabled individuals and are learning to be more patient and considerate.

Overall, the collaboration between the 2IB and Nesbru Nursing Home is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The students are gaining valuable life skills, while the residents are benefiting from the companionship and engagement of young and enthusiastic visitors. Hopefully, this partnership will continue to flourish, and the students will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the residents at Nesbru Nursing Home.

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