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The IB Open House

On January 17th, IB had an information evening where 10th graders and other students were invited to see and learn more about the different subjects IB in Nesbru offers. The subjects varied from psychology to physics, but also other subjects. Each subject had 2-3 students that presented and talked about the subject assigned to the guests. The IB information evening was an excellent opportunity for new people to learn more about IB and the different subjects offered.

The open house started at 18:30 and had a variety of people coming to learn more about the subjects. There were students from 1STI, and middle schools nearby but also parents. All of the guests had one main thing in common, which was to learn more about the different subjects and IB. The IB students at Nesbru VGS were offered a CAS opportunity to present a subject in front of the guests, which many took part in. There were 2-3 students in each subject, many had posters, presentations, and other things to be more creative and get more attention. There were different desks spread around the cafeteria where the guests could go to each desk and talk individually with the IB students. A lot of the guests, including students from 1STI, mentioned that the open house evening was helpful and made them learn a lot more about the subjects. The open house allowed a lot more understanding since the IB students had the opportunity to express their own subjective opinion about the subject and explain how they feel it might be for someone if they take that subject.

The IB open house evening was a success and might have contributed to a lot more people feeling confident in what subjects they would like to study if they attended IB. Not only was it useful by helping people get better information about the subject, but it was also an experience. Both students and guests had a possible opportunity to learn more from one another. The guests would eventually learn more about the subjects, but the students would learn to be more passionate and talk about a subject they might like. It is therefore safe to conclude that the open information evening about IB was beneficial, instructive, and an accomplishment.


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