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The dodgeball championship at Nesbru VGS

During the span of November and December, 2IB participated in the Dodgeball tournament, where 10 players from each class competed against the other classes in a dodgeball match.

2IB selected 10 players that, from their point of view, would optimize their chance of winning. The tournament began with a few nervous jitters, but 2IB quickly found its stride and won the first game. From there, they only gained momentum and won each game with increasing confidence. They were able to rely on each other and support one another on the court, which made all the difference. In practice, between games, they worked hard, honing their skills and developing their strategies. And when it came time to play, they gave it all.

After consistent practice, dedication, and effort, and winning 5 intense games against 5 formidable teams, 2IB managed to pull out the wins and thereby they were deemed the champions of Nesbru.

Looking back at the tournament, they can't help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. They may have been just a group of classmates, but together, they were a team. And as a team, they were able to achieve something truly special.


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