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CAS at IB - The IB bulletin board

Organisers: Helen and Anja (2IB)

Type: Creativity and Service

Where: In the staff area, outside Elizabeth’s office

Time: Monthly activity

A recent addition to the IB, make sure to look out for the official student-run IB bulletin board!

This board provides a large canvas for art, CAS experiences, student work, notices, interactive activities and polls, and much more.

Every month, a small group of 2IB students get together and plan the layout and content of the board. Aside from the official notices put up by teachers and staff members, the group creates this board entirely from scratch. Some notable favourite features include the “songs of the month”, the “events of the month”, the student art, and the intriguing monthly theme-specific decoration. But fear not, for everyone in the IB community has a say in what is put up. We have in fact, on many occasions, observed the distribution of polls, surveys and quizzes among the students to take part in.

Helen (2IB): “This CAS experience provides students with an excellent opportunity to broaden their knowledge, engage in a rewarding community service, acquire new skills, and feel a sense of responsibility, while still being able to thoroughly express their creativity.”

Anja (2IB): “I think that this particular CAS experience requires a lot of trial and error. We are still in the process of trying to figure out what works and looks best, as well as trying to find ways for it to be interactive. The best part of it is that you get to look at the finished product and think: What can we do better or differently next month? We really appreciate when other students show engagement in the bulletin board, it shows us that our work is noticed and appreciated.”

Once again, please come visit this board to appreciate what the students work so hard on!

Written by Helen (2IB)

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