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A Visit From Den Kulturelle Skolesekken!

On the 6th of April, the 2IB class got a visit from Den Kulturelle Skolesekken, also known as DKS. The exhibition was conducted by Alene Sammen and was about how it is to feel alone and left out, in both an individual sense and a cultural sense. What is it that is acceptable and not acceptable in society? Who decides that? How do we as a society tackle individuality? These are all issues we discussed and are central to the message Alene Sammen is about.

The first object in the exhibition consisted of 8 speakers formed into a circle. When you enter the circle, you are met with the sounds of laughter. Some of us were told to stand in the circle while others were told to stand outside of it. The one's inside the circle would often feel as if they were being laughed at. We experienced physically what it is like to feel vulnerable.

The second object was a sculpture of a once functional trolley which had been recycled into an aesthetic dysfunctional trolley. Is it now a unique sculpture? Or is it just a trolley that doesn’t even function properly? Has it lost its purpose? The objective of this sculpture was to teach us that being different and not fitting into a certain group or clique is completely okay and can even be beautiful.


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