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SANMUN 2017 General Assembly in Sandefjord.

On the week of November 4 to 5, delegates from Nesbru MUN team traveled to Sandefjord to compete in the Sandefjord and Nesbru MUN conference. As the weekend concluded it is safe to say there were many highlights from the experience. From first-year participants to third-year participants, everyone was in agreement that this two day trip to Sandefjord was one to be remembered.

This year's theme for the conference was “progress”. The definition of progress can vary from person to person and country to country. Helene 17’ stated, “To me as the delegate of England in SOCHUM, progress is an act of improving the lives of humans and their rights to certain things such as internet privacy”. To Elise 17’ progress is “a step humanity takes to rid the world of something negative, like in my issue which was to decrease the amount of ocean debris”. Progress might have many different definitions, but something they all have in common is the act of looking forward with an onward movement to a destination which will lead to somewhere better than the present position.

Even though SANMUN might have been short there have been some unforgettable moments. Many people really enjoyed the dinner on Saturday night with all the participants of SANMUN, Martine 16’ joyfully stated: “ I really enjoyed the dinner because I got to meet so many new people and mingle with people from all different schools”. Ane 17’ laughed and said “Ironically for me the most memorable moment of the SANMUN conference must be when I messed up my speech in front of my whole committee and made a fool of myself. I will most definitely remember this moment for a long time, but not as a negative moment more as a moment I can learn from”.

Some exceptional delegates were awarded best speaker/delegate of their committee, one of which was Helene Stewart 17’. She was awarded best delegate of the Human Rights committee and expressed that “I was so surprised and humbled by receiving the Best delegate award, as this is my first time at any conference at all and I only joined the MUN club this year. The moment when they said my name was definitely the most memorable moment for me.

All in all, it seems that this year's SANMUN has been yet another successful conference with fruitful debates and juicy resolutions.

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