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Visual arts' trip to the national museum

On Tuesday the 24th of October, the 2IB and 3IB Visual Arts classes had a guided visit to The National Museum. Organized by the teacher and a guide from the museum, the visit was about arts and democracy along with a visit to a temporal exhibition and the museum rooms.  

Different art pieces from the gallery were picked and the students, together with the guide, had to interpret and describe the pieces while analyzing their meanings and impact on democracy. The guide had activities planned for every chosen piece. The first one to be analyzed was “Albertine”, where the guide asked the students to try and think of what could have been happening in the picture without them knowing the story behind it. The students then explained it and connected its meaning to the start of the arts and democracy workshop. 

Another piece was “De siste skudd” by Arne Ekeland, for this one the students had to sit in a circle and point at the different objects they found on the painting. They pointed out everything from knives to a bird in the sky, as well as the art style resembling shattered glass and conveying a town affected by destruction. After that the meaning and context was explained by the guide. 

After the visit, the students had the opportunity to visit a special exhibition where they got to see art pieces like "Repparfjorden 22:45 - 22.08.2021" and “kvinnehelse tour 2023”. 


Figure 1: repparfjorden 22:24 - 22.08.2021 

Figure 2: albertine 

Figure 3: de siste skudd 


Figure 4: kvinnehelse tour 2023 




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