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iMEP in Prague

Model European Parliament (MEP) is similar to Model United Nations (MUN), but instead using the EU procedure in resolution making and debating. The 58th international MEP was held in Prague. Countries in the EU, along with Norway, the UK, Ukraine, Türkiye, and Australia attended.

It was a great opportunity to meet new people and broaden my perspectives on current issues and its solutions. Something I appreciate about MEP is all the member countries have to work together on one resolution, which has to represent all perspectives, and usually everyone has to compromise for it to work.

Prague is a lovely city, and although the conference was long, they offered free time and additional activities. On the Sunday we had bonding time with our committee (an MEP committee usually has 15 to 20 delegates) and a guided tour of Prague. After committee meetings they hosted fishbowls debates, visits to our embassies, and the EU building in Prague. The general assembly and some committee meetings were held in parliament buildings, which were grand and created a very professional atmosphere.

I got to meet lots of people, other students in Norway also in the Norwegian delegation, but also other delegations in our hostel, delegates in my committee, and elsewhere.


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