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MEP Jessheim

Friday the 19th to Sunday the 21st, Jessheim Videregående Skole hosted Norway’s national MEP. The conference hosted students from Jessheim, Elverum, and Nesbru, but also from schools in Germany and Belgium.

All of the pre IB (or international class) along with some students from the IB slept over at the school for two nights. It was a great bonding experience staying at the school, sharing meals together, and helping each other prepare for committee meetings and General Assembly (where all delegates from all committees come together).

The theme was ‘Equality and Human Rights’, the EUs fundamental values, and how EU members states need to change to uphold these values. The topics ranged from ‘The issue of treatment by EU member states of asylum seekers on the basis of their country of origin’ to ‘The issue of transitioning to green urban planning in the EU’.

For many this was an introduction to MEP, preparing them for upcoming international MEPs in Belgium, Estonia, and Greece.

I can proudly say many delegates (and CPs) grew and improved from this experience. Nesbru showed amazing participation in committee and General Assembly debates.

Additionally, the conference was well organised by a hard-working presidency. We had a lot of fun (and pizza), made lots of new friends, and came back wiser.


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