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3IB's trip to Besseggen

On September 11 the 3IB class went on a trip to besseggen, a 1.634-metre-tall mountain ridge located in Innlandet county. there they took the opportunity to go on one of the most famous hikes Norway has to offer and have a wonderful experience altogether.

The class spent a total of two days at the place, on the first one the students arrived at the camping site early morning and settled down, then during the afternoon some of them hung out near the beautiful, crystal clear lakes while others went on a little hike to explore the surroundings.

The second day the students got up early at morning to go on the 14km hike through the Besseggen mountain, they started with a nice walk which got progressively challenging as they went up the trail but when they eventually reached the top they were rewarded with one of the most incredible views the country can offer.

The weather throughout the trip was nothing to complain about. The days started off sunny, but as they eventually climbed to the top it became cloudy, and even snowed when they reached the peak.

This trip was ideal for all of vg3 to bond and get to know each other better before their last year of videregående. Teamwork was a big part of the trip, which helped our students make their way up the mountain successfully.

Overall, although the hike was tough, it was an amazing experience for our vg3 and most likely an experience they won’t forget.


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