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2IB's marine-biology trip

On the 19th of September, the 2IB biology class embarked on a field trip where they were given the opportunity to take a boat out into the Oslo fjord, and use their knowledge to explore ecosystems and marine life. 


Guided by experienced marine biologists, they began the trip by collecting algae samples directly from the fjord. By using microscopes, they were able to take a closer look into the intricate world of microscopic organisms and bacteria, gaining insight into their vital roles within marine ecosystems.


Additionally, they encountered an array of fascinating sea creatures, such as local starfish. Through engaging discussions led by their guide, they learned about the unique adaptations and survival strategies of these creatures. 


The students also used hooks to collect different variations of seaweed, allowing them to observe its structure and properties. An up close demonstration showed how the addition of hot water enhanced the vibrant green hue of the seaweed's leaves, providing them with a firsthand glimpse into the fascinating science behind its composition.


As the trip concluded, the  students departed with  newfound appreciation and knowledge for the wonders of the ocean and the intricate web of life it supports, and overall, the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and acquired an educational experience that will assist them in their ongoing exploration of biology in the IB programme.

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