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2IB and 3IB at the National Theatre

The 2IB and 3IB classes at Nesbru embarked on a memorable field trip to the National Theatre in Oslo on Thursday, the 21st of September 2023. The purpose of this  trip was to witness a live performance of Shakespeare's renowned work, "Hamlet," a mandatory study in the English A classes of the IB Diploma Programme.


The language of Shakespeare, although perfomed in norwegian, came alive on stage, providing the students with a unique opportunity to enhance their language skills. The live performance also spurred discussions and reflections, encouraging our students to analyse the play's themes, characters, and plot intricacies.


Post-performance, the students and their teachers engaged in lively discussions, reflecting on the moral dilemmas presented in "Hamlet”, exploring the intricate layers of the play and interpreting the characters motivations. The trip sparked a newfound appreciation for the enduring power of classic literature.


The live performance of "Hamlet" served as a potent reminder of the irreplaceable magic of live theater. The class trip not only deepened the students' understanding of Shakespeare's work but also kindled a lasting enthusiasm for the transformative power of the performing arts. 

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