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MUN stands for Model United Nations and is a club that allows students to step into the shoes of countries, debate current issues, and create resolutions using UN procedure. MUN conferences contain different committees like GA1 (General Assembly 1), GA2, GA3, ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council), SC (Security Council), and HRC (Human Rights Commission). In each committee a student (or delegate) represents a country and their opinion on the topic and aims to create and pass a resolution that suits them. At the end of the conference, all the delegates come together in the General Assembly (GA) to debate the resolutions produced by the committees.

NORMUN 2023 was a conference hosted in Blindern VGS, October 21st to 22nd. The conference hosted students from public and private IB schools in Scandinavia, but also acclaimed public schools like Oslo Katedralskole.

The theme of NORMUN was “A world elevated by technology”:

“In order to balance the inestimable advantages of technology, we must be prudent and contemplate the challenges technology poses. This is the primary objective of NORMUN 2023: to equip ourselves with diverse perspectives through which we reflect upon technological advancements”

The committee topics included: The Usage of Technology to Eliminate Tax Evasion by Transnational Corporations, The Issue of Cybercrime in The Russo-Ukrainian War, Evaluating the Human Right Implications of Iran’s Internet Shutdowns: Ensuring Access to Information, Freedom of Expression, and Digital Rights, and etc.

Link to NORMUN website:


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