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2023 Baltic MEP Utøya

Model European Parliament (MEP) is an international simulation of the working European Parliament aged for those between 16 to 19. Nesbru Videregående IB students have always taken part in MEP through participating in various national and international conferences. MEP gives students an opportunity to develop their public speaking and leadership skills. It is also a great way to discuss real world-wide issues that affect the life of many. This year, Norway was lucky to be able to host MEP BSR (Baltic Sea Region) at Utøya during autumn break with 10 Norwegian delegates. We had 5 delegates from 2IB and 3IB and one committee president from 3IB. For some, it was their first big conference, meeting people from different countries. However, they all enjoyed it and made it a memorable experience. All delegates took part in their committees and were involved in writing resolutions, giving speeches, and passing amendments. Their evenings were filled with activities arranged by one of our 2IB students where they were able to make various friends. To say this week was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience would be an understatement. Everyone left with fun memories to laugh at while having written excellent resolutions that are something to be proud of.


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