How do go around spending their Halloween?

Trick or treating perhaps?

Maybe sitting in and watching a scary movie? 

Or perhaps by not celebrating it at all and going about it like any other day?

But, how about standing by a tower of toilet paper in an attempt to raise fund...

This Wednesday, the IB class of 2021 held their first Habitat For Humanity lunch, thus marking the beginning of what will hopefully become the most successful fundraising project Nesbru has ever seen, with a set goal hither to undreamt of: covering all of the costs in...

Yesterday, five determined students decided to spend their evening running around Sognsvannet to raise money for Right to Play.

Right to Play is an organization founded by a Norwegian former speed skater and four time Olympic gold medal winner Johann Olav Koss. He found...

After gaining nationwide recognition and being renowned as the gold standard as for how an MUN conference should be run, dedicated IB students from Sandefjord VGS and our very own Nesbru VGS, are once again in the works and at it this year, collaborating to organize th...

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